About Us

The Den Games Café

Our Mission Statement

To provide a welcoming space to discover and play new games, make friends and enjoy meals together. To share our love for the joy and engagement of tabletop gaming with the people of Peterborough and grow a warm and inclusive community throughout the city.


Started: April 24th 2016

Most popular event: November 2017 with 42 customers.

Most popular game of 2016: Tsuro (Get Bit for games not taken to Board Games & Booze)

Most Popular game at Board games and Booze events: Exploding Kittens/Tsuro

Most Popular game overall: Tsuro – though in the short time we’ve had them, JamSumo and Click Clack Lumberjack have been very popular. Could the king be toppled by next Tabletop Day?

Most popular sandwich: Ham & Cheese

Most Popular Drink: Coke

Most popular cake: Victoria Sponge


Adrian Moore

Age: 30s. You don’t need to know more than that

Height: 5’4-5’5

Childhood Board Games (outside of the obvious): Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs, Thunder Road, Hero Quest, Balderdash (kind of. Was about 14-odd when my parents got it. Our copy isn’t that copy… I think), Mousetrap, Go For Broke

Favourite Games: Very difficult question… I don’t really have favourites generally. Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride’d be on there… I always enjoy those. Oh, and D&D (Dungeons and Dragons)

How I got into tabletop gaming: I was invited by some friends to a board & video games cafe in London, called Loading. There, I was introduced to Pandemic and Forbidden Island (my first taste of modern board games. In an unrelated note, don’t eat board games. They taste terrible and aren’t very good for you). The same friend put me on to Wil Wheton’s TableTop, all of which encouraged me to join a small group of local friends for a weekly games night.

Favourite music: pre 21st century rock, some pop, soundtrack stuff. Fairly eclectic really.

Favourite Christmas song: Ultimately, probably either Little Drummer Boy, White Christmas or stop The Cavalry. Though also always liked Mistletoe and Wine. … There’re two I don’t like. Band Aid and Last Christmas, because they make absolutely no sense. I’d be concerned if it DID snow in Africa!

Favourite Sandwich: At home, I tend towards ham and mustard.

Favourite food: Pizza, possibly enchiladas

Favourite drink: Tea. milk, two sugars.

Andrew Leung

How I got into tabletop gaming: Whilst attending university in Greater Manchester, I was introduced to Battlestar Galactica by a friend, which opened my eyes to what board gaming could be.