Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

The game is simple; ‘Mr. Lister’ (or, whomever it is asking the questions ’round here) will ask a question to which there are a lot of correct answers, for example: ‘What are the UK’s 8 largest supermarket chains’? and, once the players have had a short amount of time to come up with as many possible answers as they can, they’ll take it in turns to give one answer.  If someone gives a wrong answer, they’re out. If they give a golden, more difficult to guess answer, they’re automatically into the shootout.

The Shootout is a question with a very difficult to guess answer (e.g. How many plastic bags did UK supermarkets give away in 2014, before the bag-tax came in). The closest answer wins that card. Play either until one person has 3 different card-backs, or 3 of a kind, or until you’ve had enough.